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WordPress Free Templates : How to Choose the Best

WordPress Free Templates : How to Choose the Best

It’s daunting and exhaustive to find a right WordPress theme among hundreds and thousands available. Whether it’s a free theme or a paid one, you should have a number of factors on your mind before zeroing on one.

Through this write-up, we are listing up five key points that will assist in your discovery of your theme discovery.

Responsive Design

In times when mobiles are our lifeline, you can’t afford to have a website that breaks into pieces when opened on a mobile device.

Since most of us tend to browse mobile websites for information, shopping and many other things, it’s crucial that the website opens properly on different mobile screens.

Google made mobile friendliness a ranking signal. This means, a website that doesn’t open properly on different mobile screen can see a drop in search ranking soon.

Non-responsiveness of a website is directly correlated to the poor user experience. While buying a free theme, ensuring that it’s responsive isn’t just an option any more. It’s a compulsion now.

Browser Compatibility:

Browser compatibility is another important factor to consider while buying a WordPress theme.

It’s important to ensure that the WordPress theme you’re looking at works well across different web browsers.  Different users prefer to use different web browsers. It might also be the case that content looking awesome on a browser may not perform well on others.

Most WordPress developers usually test their themes. But you should also make a cross check whether or not the theme is running flawlessly across different browsers such as popular Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Easy Customization

Every WordPress theme comes with a set of customization options. Just by changing a few of the features, you can create different website layouts.  Sometimes these themes even include advanced customization options that you can activate.

Before buying a theme, spend time with its demo versions to find how the layouts look.

Buy WordPress themes from the best and top rated WordPress themes providers only. It will ensure that you can get more custom options with the theme.

Loading Speed:

This is the foremost requirement a theme should fulfil. Loading speed of a website is a most significant factor that impacts the overcall conversion rate. No own ever stops at a website that takes to load and deliver information.

Loading time that exceeds 3 seconds is deemed bad. This is why you should be critical about loading speed when choosing a theme. Problems with website load time destroy the user experience and its ranking.

Customer Support

Most premium wordpress themes come packed with in-built customer support. The support may come in form of email support, a forum or tutorials. The customer supports come handy in situations when snags appear in the website and features stops working.

It’s recommended that you should check if the WordPress theme you are buying is offering reliable customer support in any form available.

It’s very useful in case your website stuck due to problems in code, plugins or add-ons.

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