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Is PHP a scripting language? 

PHP is a programming and scripting language. An interactive and dynamic website can be developed using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Embedding it into HTML made it easier to add functionality to web pages without calling external files for data.

PHP is used as the scripting language in WordPress. 

It runs on your web hosting server because PHP is a server-side language. A visitor's browser requests a page from your server every time they visit your site. Servers run PHP code, which generates HTML pages. The HTML page is then displayed in the visitor's browser. PHP scripts are only accessible on hosting servers, so they can't see them.

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What You Can Do with PHP?

PHP is a programming language that may be used to design and process forms, user login and registration pages, and even dynamic or e-commerce websites.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PHP's capabilities.

  • You can make your website dynamic and create any pages.
  • Dynamically files may be created, opened, read, written, and closed on the server.
  • You may collect information such as users' names, phone numbers, emails, etc., which may be stored in a database and may be deleted or changed.
  • Also, you can send emails to your users. 
  • You can make your website secure and encrypt data for secure transmission.

This is only the start of the list; PHP can be used for a wide range of fascinating tasks.

Importance of PHP Script

Here are a few of PHP's major advantages that explain why it is still so crucial in web development.

  • The ease of use of PHP is one of the key factors contributing to its widespread use. Most people could quickly and easily construct a web page using a single PHP file, even without considerable expertise or experience in web programming.
  • This makes it easier for developers to start using PHP because it can be swiftly and cost-freely installed. A large selection of PHP frameworks, including Laravel and Symfony, are also accessible freely.
  • PHP supports most web browsers and servers, it can easily be deployed on many different platforms and systems
  • To assist novice PHP developers and to keep the language's capabilities from plateauing, there is a tonne of tutorials, FAQs, and tips available.
  • PHP is a fast and secure programming language to create a fully secured website or web application.
  • PHP is developer friendly language that makes it simple to connect with any kind of database.
  • A major benefit of having been around for more than a quarter century is that PHP code has been tested in real-life scenarios. 
  • The development of PHP web applications has been made more secure, efficient, and effective thanks to numerous frameworks and tools over time.