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Sellers Knowledgebase

Codentheme’s REST API

Codentheme’s APIĀ (Application Programming Interfaces) powers Codentheme’s sellers to verify the purchase code of their customers. How to use Codentheme’s API? 1. Get an API key An API key is a…

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How to format changelog?

You can format changelog by using following class or code structure. <h3>Version 1.2</h3> <ul> <li class="added">New feature added</li> <li class="fixed">Few bugs fixed</li> <li class="updated">Few elements updated</li> </ul> There are an…

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How much will I earn?

What is an item price and selling price? Selling Price: The final item selling price for the customer or the addition of an item price and buyer fee. Item Price:…

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Author Terms

This is terms of author responsibilities, process of selling your items & earn money with us. Codentheme authority reserves the right to modify these terms without any prior notice. Becoming…

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Submission Guidelines

Simple steps guideline for upload item Following the guidelines described requirements for ready to upload themes and Plugins, it will help to ensure that your item will be approved. Failure…

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