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Using WordPress for Your Official Website Building – Best of Both Worlds

Using WordPress for Your Official Website Building – Best of Both Worlds

In the current era where everything comes online and your identity is checked through the internet, it becomes essential to have an official website. Websites can be created through a number of methods. While some business owners use web developers and designers to have a build a good looking website, others use WordPress to get their site designed effortlessly. It is a fact that over 30% of the internet’s websites are powered by WordPress. Let’s know what makes WP unique from others and why you should also use WP to build your own website –

It’s Free to Use

The fact which makes WP so popular is “free service”. All you need a web hosting and domain to start your website. With thousands of design themes and WordPress plugins to suit any website need, it truly is amazing that the platform is a free software service. The open source code is also useful for beginners wishing to learn how to maintain their own website. It enables everybody to view, analyze and change the source code of the software without paying a dime. The only areas where you pay bucks are hosting and domain.

It is Safe & Easy to Use

There’s absolutely no coding required. Even a person with zero knowledge about website designing can build some amazing websites. There are hundreds of articles and blogs that teach beginners how to use WordPress. You can use it from any computer, day or night and make changes so you don’t have to wait for your design company. Besides thousands of premium WordPress themes give you the freedom to change layout, color and look of your website. Furthermore, WordPress is secure. There is a specific process to “harden” a WordPress website installation that doesn’t exist in traditional websites. So, rest assured.

Google Friendly

Most often websites struggle for first page placement on Google searches, but powering your site through WordPress can do wonders for you. WordPress code is written to be highly compliant with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It’s clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to index your site. In addition, you can prime your website using targeted keywords to make search results more accurate.

Endless Customization, features & Updates

With WordPress, you get endless opportunities to play with your website. Since a website is not limited to its original design and functionality, WordPress plugins can help you make anything possible. There is no need to start from scratch and build a new site because your business changed its features or adding something new to its portfolio. Plugins can do for you. Add an event to the calendar, include calculator, or email sign-up form to your website in a few clicks. You can also expand your site by adding pages or a video. WordPress is highly flexible and none of it will hinder the performance of your company’s website.

It’s not yet over, there are so many other benefits too that make you switch from your current website building platform to WordPress. If you are beginning to see the value of building your website in WordPress, get started now and see what the world’s most popular CMS can do for your business!

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