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How to Make an Impactful Website with WordPress

How to Make an Impactful Website with WordPress

The best thing about using WordPress for website building is its user-friendly interface. The easy to use portal gives a perfect platform to start your business or blog online. If you have a little knowledge about how to install and use WordPress, you can make impactful websites in few hours. There are great WordPress themes, plugins and range of widgets to use and make a website like pro. Here are few methods to make a stunning and effective website:

Using Premium WordPress Themes

Though you get free themes on WordPress, they are not recommended for commercial use. Free themes don’t provide all the features. Whereas a premium WordPress theme can give you more control over managing/organizing your content. You can get a relevant theme for your website from WordPress or other marketplaces. Try as many layouts, arrangements, color combinations, placement of logos, and many more things to get the best appearance. Edit your static page to give a unique and stunning look to the users.

Using Important Plugins

Even though WordPress comes complete with the most frequently used tools and widgets that you will need, you can always extend your features using plugins. WordPress plugins are installed through the WordPress interface, using the Plugins menu in your control panel.

There are many important plugins available to download on WordPress, for example, Akismet, an effective anti-spam plugin for WordPress users. It blocks spammers that will fill your comments section with rubbish. Spam comments are easy to spot but time-consuming to remove one by one. The free to use plugin automatically detects the signs of spam comments, including lots of links to other websites and content that does not make sense. It quarantines spams and prevents it from cluttering up your website.

Yoast WordPress SEO is another important plugin for WordPress. This multi-featured plugin carries out a number of automatic tasks to help improve your position, including internal links and suggesting the most appropriate keywords for you to target on each page. Other plugins that can be used are WPforms, monsterinsights etc.

Set a good Permalink

When you publish a post, it is added to your main ‘blog’ page, and also published as an individual page known as the Permalink page, because it is located at an address that will always point directly to the specific post in question. Confusing permalink can cause search engines to miss your content, therefore customize your Permalinks to make them both search engine and visitor-friendly.

Share Your Posts

Always make use of social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. to share your post online. This makes your reach to a larger mass.

Write Good Content

Content is the key to success. Always write grammatically correct post. Use new and updated contents to let your readers know you are active. An active and regularly updated website/blog has more possibilities to rank better in search engines.

So these were some steps that you can use to make an impactful website/blog.

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