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How to Choose Right WordPress Blog Themes?

How to Choose Right WordPress Blog Themes?

If you have plans to float a new website, a theme would be the most important ingredient. A theme helps you to present your online business to the outer world. It’s a placeholder where a website sits (a kind of, indeed).

The task now is to choose the right theme among the hundreds available. It’s daunting and time-consuming.

The article rides you through a few dos and don’t you need to look into before actually zeroing on a perfect theme.

  1. Prepare a list of features you need;
  2. Go for a responsive theme only;
  3. Have your website color Scheme in mind;
  4. Premium WordPress Themes are Better;
  5. Choose a WordPress theme with Readable Typography;


Prepare a list of features you need

Before buying the best WordPress themes, you should have a detailed checklist of all the features you want in your website. Prepare one and keep it with you. It’s important to have a clear idea which features you need and what are the features you can skip.

Go for a responsive theme only

Responsive websites are those websites that automatically shrink into the size of the screen they are opened on. These websites are made to deliver readers perfect user experience on every device whether mobiles, tablets, and desktop. Free WordPress blog themes are designed for compatibility with mobile devices. Ideally, a responsive website doesn’t clutter or fade when opened on devices with relatively smaller screen sizes.

Have your website color Scheme in mind

In a world where visual appearance matters the most, how could one skip the color schemes used by the theme? The visual presentation is the core of digital marketing. Colors improve your brand recognition and deliver an aesthetic user experience. Thankfully, with WordPress, it’s incredibly easy to customize the overall color experience by altering custom CSS.

Premium WordPress Themes are Better

We are, for sure, not undermining the might of free themes. If you’ve budget constraints, free themes are a breather. Though, in the long run, free themes may wreck troubles. The problem with free themes is that they are poorly coded and don’t offer regular updates. Fewer or no updates make them prone to the malware attack and hacking. No one will ever like to put their website on risk for a few bucks.

On the other hand, premium themes are dynamic, coded smartly and comprehensively and above all put on table more features than a free theme.

Choose a WordPress theme with Readable Typography

Avoid buying themes that come with absurd font combinations and typography. Fonts are meant to capture your audience attention. These fonts should be simple, sophisticated, and readable.

If you’re familiar with how to tweak CSS, you can yourself adjust the font size and color to a level that reduces clutter. But if you aren’t sound at codes, there are many best WordPress plugins (font plugins) available in drag-n –drop format. You can install those font plugins to change, adjust or remove existing fonts.

Again, free WordPress themes may offer you font customization but with limited potential. Whether you choose a free or premium theme, choose unique and readable fonts that don’t trouble your reading experience. You may choose through many standard font combinations available for WordPress themes.

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