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Features to Look for in a Premium WordPress News Theme

Features to Look for in a Premium WordPress News Theme

WordPress is the most admired and used content management system used ever. Stats say that almost 28% of all websites online are built around this platform. The platform is free to use and offers a huge repository of themes to choose from.

So, the question is- why to go for a premium (paid) themes when WordPress offers over many hundred themes for free?

The article covers some pertinent reasons to establish why paid or premium WordPress themes could be a better choice over the free themes.

Premium themes are feature loaded:

  • It doesn’t mean free themes lack at. All it says that with premium themes you can get access to the features that free themes can’t offer due to limitations.
  • Take the example of an online store. Despite all the standard features on board, you won’t have access to Payment gateway and other complex code driven shopping cart modules in general.
  •  If they do offer, I am sure the integration would be loosely coded and prone to hacking attacks.
  • The best hack would be to subscribe a premium WordPress theme. Since they are paid, they come packed with all advanced WordPress features, add –on and plugin support.

Premium themes are more user-friendly:

  • The USP of WordPress is its user-friendly drag and drop user interface. Another stunning usability options that premium WordPress themes brings are WYSIWYG editor, color pickers and live previews.
  • All these features come handy during creation of a web page using technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Some of the above features are even present in free WordPress themes. But they are limited in the capabilities. In long run your website would demand more customization and complex features. In that case a premium WordPress theme would be a real bet.

Premium themes come with service and support:

  • The third advantage with WordPress premium themes is the support they bundle with.
  • A purchased theme comes packed with a level of tech support and code guidance whenever you need. This superior feature is almost absent or partially available with free themes.
  • The support usually comes to rescue when website goes into some technical ambiguity or throws a certain kind of usage problems. Ideally the support comes in the form of email or live support via chat.
  • With paid themes, users can even have access to the forums and communities where troubleshooting goes in form of questions and answers.

Regular updates and Fixes:

  • Free themes hardly or never get version updates and bug fixes. Why will some merchant give you free candies?
  • Free themes could break easily with any core WordPress update since all themes and plug-ins require maintenance over time when a major update happens.
  • This isn’t the case with premium themes. Since you have paid an amount for buying the theme, you will get regular bug fixes and updated versions of the themes. Developers bring the updated theme versions with every core WordPress update. This is to ensure theme compatibility with WordPress.
  • The suggestion would be that you should check if theme is current and compatible with the latest WordPress code base and browsers.

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