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The Rise of Digital Business Card and How You Can Join the Trend

The Rise of Digital Business Card and How You Can Join the Trend

Traditional paper business cards have been a staple of professional interactions for decades. But the time has come to embrace the digital age and move to electronic business cards. 

Electronic business cards, or e-cards, are the modern alternative to physical business cards. These offer the same convenience and contact information. The added benefit is that it is eco-friendly and more cost-efficient.

Digital business cards are essential tools for professional networking. It helps spread the word about your products and services to the public.

#Fact Check [Business Card Statistics]


  • Twenty-seven million business cards are printed daily.
  • Eight million digital business cards were shared within a week.
  • Eight billion business cards are discarded and thrown away within a week.


Paper-based business cards are small, portable, and the most common way to introduce your business. There is only information conveyed on your business card–your company’s name, logo, and contact information.

A quality business card can make a lasting impression and be essential to any successful business strategy. It should also include a brief description of your services or product.

In recent years, digital business cards have outnumbered their paper counterparts.

Virtual cards are an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs and business professionals. It will help potential clients understand what you do and how you can help them.

With the rising adoption of e-business cards, we will get into the details of digital business cards.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

Business cards that are digital are just what they sound like – electronic versions of traditional cards. Instead of being printed on paper, however, digital cards are stored electronically and can be shared online or via mobile devices.

They can include a range of information, such as contact details, company logos, and social media profiles. Digital business cards save time and money compared to traditional printing costs. In addition, they are more convenient for users who prefer to access information on their electronic devices.

Making cards is very easy, and if your business is to make visiting cards then you can also start a digital business card business with online software and SaaS tools. Without coding knowledge, you can start your business right away with these examples Of Digital Business Cards-

The Purpose of Digital Business Cards

“Digital business cards consolidate your business details into a convenient digital format.”

The idea of an e-business card is to create a single, simple, shareable file with all your contact details. So the recipient can follow your details or contact you using the information.

It is a modern method of communicating contact information to other businesses and customers.

Exploring The Advantages Of Digital Business Cards

Influenced and Modern Method.

In the modern world, people love to explore things over the internet devices. Statistics say that in 2023, 91.40% of the world’s population will own smart and feature phones. (Source

The advent of digital business cards has changed the face of business or personal networking. This new trend has taken the world by storm. People love this method of expressing themselves and what they do for everyone, everywhere.

Instant Accessibility.

Another great advantage of digital business cards is that they can be easily shared with potential clients anywhere. It can be shared by sending a link via email or text message or by using/scanning a QR code.

In addition, it allows people searching online for information about you to get a faster response time and see your information more clearly.


Digital business cards cut printing costs since they don’t require physical materials.

Most of the apps provide an accessible interface and tools to create it. So you don’t need expensive graphic design services.

Effortless Update.

E-business card updates in just a few seconds as your information is refreshed.

Vcard provides the flexibility to modify details, contacts, addresses, and other modifications per user’s need.


Paper cards require the cutting down of over 7 million trees every year. Digital business cards are much more eco-friendly since they don’t require paper or ink and can easily be shared electronically. It eliminates waste and has a positive impact on the environment.

Characteristics Of The Best Digital Business Card Generators

User Interface :

Does the product interface provide an excellent user experience? The solution should be easy to use to create a digital business card. 

Customization Capabilities : 

How easy is it to design the business information page? Could you add social media handles, a location, or a website URL to your card? 

Analytics :

Are you able to track client engagement (card views, location, device, demographics, and more)? This is a helpful feature if you are able to do so.

Security :

Select a solution that meets the highest security standards.

Affordability :

How affordable is the solution? Does it offer great value?

Easy Sharing :

In what ways can you share your digital business card?

Bulk Creation :

Large teams want to bulk create digital business cards. Make sure the solution supports bulk creation.

All the above attributes are essential to convey your brand. These are desired features for any virtual business card. And it would be best if users could do so with them.

Are Digital Business Cards Worth It? 

The short answer is yes! Digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenience and flexibility that traditional paper business cards simply can’t. 

What Should I Put On My Digital Business Card?

Creating a digital business card is a very effective way to make a first impression and stand out. With the correct elements, your digital business card can help you make a lasting impression and get more customers.

  • Name or Title
  • Professional Headshot / Department
  • Logo
  • Banner, Live Photo Or Video
  • Slug/ Custom URL
  • Address
  • Contact details – Email, Phone
  • About Description
  • Badges and Awards
  • Business Website 
  • Links Related To Services/Portfolio
  • Social Media Profiles

Sharing Of Digital Business Cards!

Digital business cards are an easy and effective way to ensure people you meet can find your contact information. 

In general, we found that virtual cards offer several sharing methods, including:

  • QR code
  • Text/SMS
  • Email
  • Link
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Wallet
  • Google Wallet
  • iMessage app
  • Siri
  • Widgets (iOS and Android)
  • Virtual Background
  • Email Signature
  • NFC tag

Further, there are Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others.

Best Digital Business Card Makers In The Market

HiHello, Inc. (US)

Haystack (Australia)

Inigo (US), L-Card (US)

Switchit (US), Adobe (US)

Techno Infonet (India) (US)

SnapDat (US)

CamCard (US)

Mobilo (US) (Quancore Group) (India),

Knowee (Spain)

Lulu Systems, Inc. (US)

Vistinkard (India)

Digital Business Cards: The Future 

By 2027, the global digital business card market is expected to reach USD 242.3 million and register an exponential CAGR of 11.2%. (Source)

Do you offer business card services? 

Are you looking to become a business card provider?

How to Become a Digital Business Card Maker?

The Perfect Opportunity to Become a Digital Business Card Maker

Despite the challenges, the future is bright with QuickVCard – Digital Business Card and Biolink SaaS WordPress Theme.

QuickVCard – as a SaaS WordPress Theme is a revolutionary and innovative way to become one of the leading vendors of digital business cards. Its theme version includes everything needed to Become a Digital Business Card Maker. With its easy-to-use interface, users can quickly add their own text, images, logos, and more to their digital business cards.

Additionally, users can customize their cards by adding custom text, fonts, colors, and more. With advanced sharing options, users can quickly and easily share their cards with contacts, customers, and prospects. 

This powerful and easy-to-use software makes it easy to be a Digital Business Card Maker or Provider. You can easily set up your Digital Business Card Company. And can generate profit from Membership Plans for individual, business, and enterprise users.

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